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In the current modern era, thorough computer and internet knowledge is needed for business development, expanding sales and services and attracting large customer’s base. Ecommerce web site has a great significance to overcome the roadblocks of time, distance and region. Prospective customers would come from irrespective of any country or regions. Online transaction of product and services are magnificent in all the respect.

Whizzminds lead the business through our integrated sales technology for our patrons and deliver comprehensive comer development solutions and help you in getting packed fantabulous features into the eCommer web site solution.

  • Descriptive planning
  • Assess the potential of current website
  • Assist you in developing ecommerce portals needs to restyle or replace
  • eCommerce solutions are applied on a blend of innovative and technologically-advanced.
  • Put into practice of sales, tasks, employee, product, client and money management solutions.
  • Formulate customized solutions to heighten the sales and achieve the coveted goals.

eCommerce is a web application allows the customers to do things such as searching for a product in the store catalog, adding a selected product to a basket, and placing an order for it. The ecommerce "integrates" with the rest of your Web site. In other words, there are typically links on your Web pages that customers can click on, and which allow them to perform some of the functions described above. For example, many ecommerce Web sites have a "search" link appearing on every Web page, as part of the navigation area. This search feature is provided by the shopping cart. You can choose any of the payment processing companies. Ecommerce web application has admin along with order management and shipping

The Administration control will help the client to organize and manage the followings:
  • The way products should be displayed e.g. how many products will be displayed on each catalogue page, how the images should be displayed, the currency and date format to be used, after all the way and look of the website.
  • A module to create and manage product categories, and order the way in which they are displayed on the storefront to improve productivity, there should be tools that allow you to change settings across multiple products
  • Flexible ways to set multiple shipping and payment options.
  • A module to manage orders effectively (pending, processed, shipped, returned, etc.).
Ecommerce services from Whizzminds :

  • SEO & SEM for your of e-shop or e-store
  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • E-commerce website development
  • Customizing portals and existing e-commerce sites
  • Based on specific applications development and integration of business
  • Customization and revamping of dynamic B2B portal and B2C portal
  • Custom design, development, and deployment of online shopping cart from the scratch
  • Integration of third party e-commerce applications
  • Custom development, configuration and installation of shopping cart software
  • Maintenance services for e-commerce websites and applications developed by us
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