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In current global trends everyone want to establish paperless office concept contemporize with digitalization as well with green movement. Anoto based digital pen technology provide such great functionality to minimize headache of digitalization of paper writing, drawing, siging etc. This technology widely used at the global clients at wide range. Thus this is very much essential to know the magic of digital pen technology.

What is anoto technology ?

Initially user requires a digital pen and digital paper.

Anoto technology works with digital pen. A digital pen is an electronic device with extensive feature to capture handwritten information like text, images to store and transform however it looks and writes like a normal pen. Besides it contains an integrated digital camera, image microprocessor and communications device. While user is writing using digital pen on a surface - digital paper cover with Anoto pattern, pen can capture and store handwriting, enabling you to easily convert ink to digital data perfectly. Pen contains USB cradle that allow users to upload the handwritten information to personal computers. Finally, this digital information converted into a computerized sheet that is readily available for user to access at their relevant time. The following digital pen segments deliver broader idea about digital pen element’s procedure.

Digital pen components


Digital Camera : Dots of the anoto pattern are light up by the infrared light and make visible for digital camera to capture the handwritten information. Camera captures 100 images per second. The Pen ink is not visible for the camera therefore the anoto pattern is not corrupted by users writing.
Digital image processor : It calculate the absolute coordinates of writing information from dot anoto pattern. This process follows special mathematical algorithm to calculate x and y coordinates. The anoto pattern also checks of writing speed and angle. It is vital for verification. During the image processing snapshots are compared.
Memory : All the data from the image processor is packaged and loaded into the pen memory. This component keeps entire information of the data or a document which may content several pages.
Bluetooth transceiver : The information is transmitted by the Bluetooth transceiver, user can directly send to your computer or forwarded via a transmit device (e.g. mobile phone, personal computer). The information will be forwarded for further processing elsewhere by just checking send option on the digital paper to send handwritten information.
Ink cartridge and force sensor : The pen holds an ordinary ink cartridge to make visible all that you have written or drawn. A force-sensing resistor measures the stylus tip force.


Quick details of dot pattern Anoto dot pattern comprises small dots can be read by a digital pen. Small dot area has unique combination of dots with different positions. The pattern shows the exact position of the digital pen while the digital pen is moving across the surface. Anoto software modules for adding the dot pattern to a product.

Depth events while digital pen write While digital pen moving, the built in camera takes digital snapshots of the dot pattern on the surface. Each snap contains data to enable the pen to determine the exact position of the pen and conclude what it writes or draws. Data can be sent in real time via Bluetooth to different devices such as computer and mobile photos or it can also be stored in the pen’s memory and synchronized via USB. Data can either be handled by an application locally or move to an application server for further processing or may be exported in any preferred format to suit the application.

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