Anoto Development

Digitization of Pen & paper

Communication is tremendous improved in current trends. Paper with pen or pencil turns essentials elements in the meeting / teaching and also appointments with doctor, layers etc. Also becomes BIG PROBLEM in digital era, when everything goes digitalization of data, audio, video etc...

The solutions we provides, can fully integrates with the client data processing and archiving architecture. We support various business entities and professional around; the globe by furnishing Digital pen software based on Anoto technology .

Specially in Clinical Trials and Home care, Anoto solutions are best suited. Besides these below advantages can change the cost benefit in the organization.

  • Easily adoptable solution as digital pen similiar to bollpoint pen
  • Save cost of digitalization of written data ( text / signature / paiting / etc)
  • Achieve higher accuracy in converting into digital data
  • Save human hours
  • Convert complex figure into digital form easily with less effort.
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